Mike Talks about the Marathon on Accessible Hunter

by | Sep 15, 2023

Getting to know people from “our community” is always a blessing. Today Greg and I kept things “In house” on our podcast. Greg, as always is a gracious host and allowed me to share a bit of my journey and discuss part of an upcoming (bucket list) event I have coming up in October… The Marine Corps Marathon!

It’s not about talk anymore, it’s about action. A buddy of mine, Cameron Dorn, an ultra marathon guy is partnering with me to push the 26.2 mile course, and as always, Cameron wants to be competitive so our goal is sub 4 hrs!! That’s really trucking.

The plan is to team up with Ben Huntzinger at Spartan Wheel Chariots to build a chair capable of the torque and pressures of pushing the mean streets of our nation’s Capital. After the event, the chair will be donated so that events and activities can continue to occur.

Life is definitely about living, and as in life, it’s all about staying active.

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