Racing Wheel Chariot

by | Jun 25, 2023

There are a multitude of moving parts and lots of logistics involved in “rolling” this marathon, but this is beyond exciting. This event encompasses diversity, inclusion, development, leadership, community, outreach, camaraderie, and shared values on an epic scale!

Not just “talking about it, but BEING about it” as my younger brother would say.

Unified we can push for real change and collectively have a voice that must be heard. I know this to be true, but it’s still overwhelming to see when brought to bear.

Terms such as growth, expansion, and outreach would not be possible without partnerships and cooperation. So far we’ve partnered with Cameron Dorn at The Suitcase of Courage and with Ben Huntzinger at Spartan Wheel Chariots…. Who’s next in this journey? We’re waiting to see who God brings alongside us and are excited… we know that they will be like us, having a heart for people, and desire to #JustKeepPushing.

We never know what obstacles or trials may come, but a hand up, caring heart, and empathetic spirit are gifts we have to carry on in this cause.

God brings people into our lives for a reason or season. All we can do is be prayerful and receptive to all those that cross our paths.

Thank you for sharing in this journey and as a side note, this chair will be donated at the conclusion of this endeavor, so that others may continue to push for Rediscovered Outdoor Activities & Recreation.

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