Cameron Dorn

Cameron completed his BSc in his home state of South Carolina before obtaining his MSc. at the University of Winchester in England. He completed his dissertation on employee wellness as it relates to employer benefits.

Cameron has won two U.S. national championships in duathlon and triathlon and set three Guinness World Records while winning over 65 endurance races worldwide from the 5k distance to Half Ironman.

Cameron founded the Suitcase of Courage in 2012 and currently partners with companies nationwide including Fujifilm North America, Trane Technologies, Hyster Yale Group among others to build unique and custom corporate wellness programs nationwide to reduce musculoskeletal injury risk

He has been featured as one of Men’s Health Magazine’s “15 Ultimate Guys,” and has been featured on ESPN, Fox News, ABC News CBS News, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post and published in Endurance Planet Big Book of Fitness and Guinness World Records 2015