“From the Impossible, We’ll See a Miracle”

by | Oct 22, 2023

“From the impossible, we’ll see a miracle”-

A few weeks before all of this marathon talk started, I heard a song that reached down deep and truly touched my soul. I told Mike that this song was going to be important to us; I didn’t know how but it would be….

Fast forward a few days after the marathon planning began, I heard this song again and truly believe it to be the “theme song” of this endeavor.

We wrote to Ms Winans’ people asking to use this in a videography documenting this journey. It is with an amazed and grateful spirit that I share, they are allowing us to use it!!! We are currently figuring out the logistics and will probably need assistance with putting the video together. A huge thank you to Ms Winans and her staff!!!

Anytime you hear this song, pray for us. Pray for the other runners. Pray for the logistics of this marathon. Pray for the weather. Pray for the advocacy, inclusion, and changes that will come about for those who hear the story. If you don’t know what to pray or if you’re not a prayer, listen to this song and just “believe for it” with us.

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