It’s Official!

by | Nov 20, 2023

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.”

Well it’s “official”, Cameron and I came in 2nd Place Overall in the Male Push Rim Duo, qualifying us for several marathons, and an invite to the honorary awards banquet in Washington DC. While we are blown away by the partnerships and support, we are not by the results. We always knew our team-up was God inspired and our results would be as well, as Cameron kept reiterating “it just felt right”. Throughout the entire process we kept the faith, and

Faith requires an active response.

If you’ve been following this amazing journey, you know all the steps, set backs, adjustments, and trust that went into every step.

We were not in a traditional race chair, we were by far the heaviest team set up, our tires were lower psi than standard race chairs, and we stopped 3x for water or refueling at over a minute and change per stop, and still came in 2nd at 3:54:13!

We’ve had numerous news organizations, state agencies, disability groups, religious organizations, and media outlets contact us about this collaboration, advocacy, and all the nuances of this adventure… we’ve been blessed to share our story. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, we received a hand-signed letter from Lt. Governor Pamela S. Evette this week. Extremely humbling. The entire time we’ve been together, we’ve stated this is so much bigger than Cameron or I and it keeps growing.

No matter what you’re facing, don’t let stress, an injury, fear, or obstacles steal your potential glory. This life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Just keep pushing!

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