by | Nov 1, 2023

Teamwork takes on a different meaning when you embark on something few have ever tried: taking a unconventional chair design, a complete quadriplegic, and a top tier athlete. We’re getting ready for our early morning cattle call. We were working out last minute tweaks. Y’all keep the prayers and positive vibes coming. #JustKeepPushing.

This was the post slated to post on race day but clearly never went out.

To understand why we’re still in awe takes a bit of exploration. Our chair is unconventional to say the least and built to be robust and durable, but it’s definitely not lightweight, sleek, nor streamlined. Coupled with the bulk of the chair, you add in a backpack full of snacks, maple syrup, tools, spare tubes, cushion pump, bicycle pump, at least a gallon of water, gloves, flags, a safety helmet, full sized JBL Bluetooth speaker, battery back up, 2 GoPros, cell phones, and a heavy quadriplegic… now you start seeing the crux.


Despite being the heaviest chair in the duo category, Cameron was able to muscle us through 26.2 (+) miles of gritty DC roadways, with 3 refueling stops, in a time that qualifies us for other marathons including Boston. That’s definitely not on any radar, but gives a little more insight into the amazing accomplishment we were able to accomplish at Sunday’s running of The Marine Corps Marathon.

Oh did I mention we had no brakes lol. He was tethered into the chair making us a true pairing. Thank you for making this long lost dream a reality brother!

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